Rise Of Kali:Duryodhanas Mahabharata: Ajaya Book-II

Anand Neelakantan





The Mahabharata endures as the great epic of India. While jay is the story Of the panadas, told from the perspective of the victors of Kurukshetra, Ajayan is the tale of the Karakas, who were decimated to the last man. From the pen of the author who gave voice to Ravenna in the national bestseller, asura, comes the riveting narrative which compels us to question The truth behind the Mahabharata.

As the Pandeva’s stake their claim to the Hastinapur throne, the Karata Crown Prince, Duryodhana, rises to challenge Krishna. As great minds debate dharma and adharma, power hungry men prepare for an apocalyptic war. The women, highborn and humble, helplessly watch the unfolding disaster with deep foreboding.

And greedy merchants and unscrupulous priests lie in wait like vultures. Both sides know that beyond the agony and carnage the winner will take all. But even as gods conspire and men’s destinies unfold, a far greater truth awaits. The dark age of kali is rising and every man and woman must choose between duty And conscience, honor and shame, life and death…

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Published Date 29 Jul 2015

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