Success is Within

Payal Nanjiani



"Payal has beautifully defined success as to ‘reach where you want from where you are.’ She emphasizes rightful karma or focused execution to keep you on the right path so that you are always walking in a direction that takes you toward your goal."

Dr. Arun Arora, CEO, EDVANCE

"This book is full of practical tips on how to become a successful leader and the best part is Payal has narrated it wonderfully with appropriate fables and relevant case studies…. Her entrepreneurial attitude and impactful wisdom are commendable and evident in the IPL series."

Swapna Hari, Director, Cognizant

"This book by Payal Nanjiani will join the best of business literature for emphasizing attitude as our biggest asset."

Swami Mukundananda of Jagadguru Kripaluji

Yog (JKYog) Institute

Gathering insights from 20 years of the author’s executive coaching in the United States and abroad, this book presents 21 mindfulness strategies for business leaders, corporate heads, entrepreneurs, and professionals. During the author’s coaching sessions for business and corporate leaders and her trainings at corporations, mid-sized businesses, small businesses, and start-up organizations, she discovered that there is a wide gap between those who achieve success and those who do not. This gap indicates that there is still something significant missing in the business world. Success Is Within fills this gap by encouraging business professionals to "mind the mind." Written in accessible, easy-to-digest language, and targeted towards busy US business professionals who long for thought-leadership to boost their success, the book argues that success depends on changing one’s mindset in key ways. Each chapter focuses on one way to transform one’s mindset to achieve success. The union of these 21 ways provides a uniquely comprehensive program for leadership success in business and corporate careers.

Drawing from a blend of Eastern and Western wisdom, the book blends true-life storytelling about the challenges of actual business professionals with insights drawn from traditional parables from classic "wisdom books" to inspire readers to think-through how to transform their mindsets. Ultimately, the book helps magnify one’s inner power: the power of one’s mind. The book calls on business professionals to unleash their "inner leader." When they recognize the power of their inner leader, they will become unstoppable.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Self-Discovery and Awareness: Understanding oneself is the first step towards success. It involves recognizing strengths, weaknesses, values, and beliefs.

  2. Mindset and Positivity: Adopting a positive mindset and cultivating optimism can help overcome challenges and achieve goals.

  3. Goal Setting and Planning: Clearly defining goals and creating actionable plans is crucial for progress and success.

  4. Continuous Learning and Growth: Embracing a mindset of continuous learning fosters personal development and opens doors to new opportunities.

  5. Resilience and Adaptability: Being resilient and adaptable in the face of obstacles is key to achieving long-term success.

  6. Emotional Intelligence: Developing emotional intelligence helps in managing emotions effectively and building stronger relationships.

  7. Self-Discipline and Consistency: Cultivating discipline and staying consistent in actions towards goals are essential for success.

  8. Gratitude and Mindfulness: Practicing gratitude and mindfulness can enhance overall well-being and perspective.

  9. Taking Action and Initiative: Success often comes from taking initiative and consistently putting ideas into action.

  10. Self-Care and Balance: Prioritizing self-care and maintaining a balance between personal and professional life is crucial for sustained success.

Language English
ISBN-13 978-0367437237
No of pages 182
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Routledge
Published Date 01 Jan 2019

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Author : Payal Nanjiani


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