Pregnancy Wishes & IVF Dreams - A Story & Lessons About Life, Love & Infertility

Kelley R. Taylor



Once upon a time, equipped with a solid marriage, driven careers, and a recently finished basement, my husband and I were ready to start a family. Like many 30-something couples, we thought it would be easy. Unfortunately, after nearly 18 months of doing things "the old fashioned way," my husband was diagnosed with a latent birth defect. It rendered us virtually infertile, not to mention devastated and confused.

The remarkable thing about confusion is that it can spur knowledge and strength. Infertility did just that for us. We moved forward to try to have a child with the help of science and technology. Before we could blink, we were in the midst of monumental efforts to finance our baby-making venture, ordering medications on the Internet, and undergoing multiple, sometimes risky, and invasive, procedures. We endured it all for a single chance to have a child of our own.

Pregnancy Wishes & IVF Dreams: A Story & Lessons About Life, Love, & Infertility is a compelling and insightful look at one couple's struggle with male factor infertility and everything that goes with it. From failed attempts at conception, batteries of fertility tests, and a devastating diagnosis, to IVF/ICSI, other treatments, and ultimately the birth of fraternal twin daughters, Pregnancy Wishes & IVF Dreams offers readers a sense of shared experience through a real-time, personal story.

The book also provides first-hand insights, guidance, and quotes covering a range of universal issues including dealing with jealousy, great expectations, doctors, risk, finances, and family. Finally, Pregnancy Wishes comes full circle, leaving readers with twelve, invaluable lessons-learned about life, love, infertility, and numerous questions, and challenges in between.

Like an understanding friend, Pregnancy Wishes & IVF Dreams will leave you feelings less alone, and more empowered as you cope with infertility.

Language English
ISBN-10 142510854-7
No of pages 176
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Book Publisher Trafford
Published Date 28 Feb 2007

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