Amita - What If She Was Here!

Chandrashekar Nagawaram


In Circulation

A girl with a beautiful mind..! A girl with great ambitions..! A girl who is compassionately intelligent..! This is the story of Amita - her thoughts, her aspirations, and her approach. She lived in a peaceful village of Vatakara with a benevolent family and a lovely companionship of friends. The fairytale changes to an unsolvable mystery when Amita is found dead deep in the woods. Could the truth be brought to the forefront untangling the reason behind her untimely death? Could someone walk through the dark path that could only be illuminated with one thing – Amita’s thoughts! The paradox leaves one to always think, ‘What if she was here!”

Language English
ISBN-10 9789391142223
ISBN-13 9789391142223
No of pages 235
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher ‎Kalamos Literary Services LLP
Published Date 16 Oct 2022

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