iWoz: Computer Geek to Cult Icon: Getting to the Core of Apple's Inventor

Steve Wozniak & Gina Smith


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After 25 years of avoiding the public eye, Steve Wozniak breaks his silence and tells the full story of the Apple computer, from its conception to his views on the iconic cult status it enjoys today. But for Steve's dream to build himself a computer, Apple would never have happened. In June, it was just an idea. By that Christmas, he'd built something that his friend convinced him to sell, just for fun. The rest, as they say, is history. But this history is full of life lessons, critical decisions, huge triumphs and big mistakes, and all from a self-professed 'engineer's engineer'. For the first time, Steve talks about his childhood, phone hacking pranks, working at Hewlett Packard, meeting George Bush Snr, the life-changing plane crash and teaching. I, WOZ offers readers a unique glimpse into the offbeat and brilliant but ethical mind that conceived the Macintosh. With the help of award-winning journalist Gina Smith, Steve sets the record straight.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Early Life and Passion for Electronics: Wozniak shares his early fascination with electronics, tinkering with technology, and his passion for building gadgets from a young age.

  2. Co-Founding Apple: He discusses the early days of Apple, including the founding alongside Steve Jobs, their friendship, and the pivotal role each played in shaping the company.

  3. The Development of the Apple I and Apple II: Insights into Wozniak's engineering brilliance and the process behind creating the groundbreaking Apple I and Apple II computers.

  4. Engineering Innovations: Details about Wozniak's innovative engineering approaches, including his design principles and technical insights that led to the success of Apple's early products.

  5. Work Philosophy: His work philosophy, which prioritized simplicity, elegance, and user-friendliness in product design and functionality.

  6. Cultural Impact of Apple: Reflections on the cultural impact of Apple's products and their influence on the tech industry and society at large.

  7. Relationship with Steve Jobs: Wozniak's reflections on his partnership and friendship with Steve Jobs, including their differing personalities and contributions to Apple.

  8. Life Beyond Apple: Wozniak's endeavors and interests after leaving Apple, including his philanthropy, education advocacy, and involvement in various technology-related projects.

  9. Vision for Technology: His perspectives on the future of technology, including artificial intelligence, robotics, and the potential impact of technological advancements.

  10. Lessons on Creativity and Innovation: Insights into Wozniak's creative process, lessons on innovation, and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts.

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Published Date 25 Sep 2006

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Author : Steve Wozniak & Gina Smith

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