Rise of the Grey Prince

Arka Chakrabarti





That cursed night at Nisarga had revealed the true reason behind his father's sacrifice and his own dark past. Each revelation now draws Agni into the sublime world of secrets. With Vrish and Guru Sidak by his side, fighting the daggers from the past and winning over the opponents of the present, somewhere deep down, he knows that his journey has just begun.

The other scarred prince walks the ashes of his reality. Haunted by the glimpses of truth the same night, Yani had but one choice to survive. His unknowing steps, trapped in cruel games of ancient powers had led him to a truth, a truth which shall mould a good man in the clay of misfortune, hate and lust. Such is the world of Gaya and thus shall be the Rise of the Grey Prince the one torn between the darkness of evil and a lone ray of hope.

Language English
ISBN-10 9382665315
ISBN-13 9789382665311
No of pages 230
Book Publisher Srishti Publishers & Distributors
Published Date 19 Jan 2015
Audio Book Length 05:29:04

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Author : Arka Chakrabarti


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