Pearls Of Wisdom: Secrets Of Success And Living A Quality Life

Shanti Dugar



Today men and women have become so busy in their day to day life that their quality of life instead of improving is deteriorating. Even if you are super-rich, if you do not enjoy the life with happiness, your richness is of no value. This book helps you to find out the secrets of success and living a quality life. In a way, this book is a compilation of simple but important “lessons of life” which teach how to accomplish a quality life.

The contents of this book are mostly based on the noble thoughts, inspirational statements or quotable quotes said or written by many great saints, religious gurus, philosophers, writers, players, leaders or highly successful people of the past centuries and present time. These are such powerful statements, thoughts and quotes that I thought it will be useful to categorize into different topics and present them in a simple language so as to relate to our day-to-day practical lives. Each topic is like a “pearl” and the contents therein are of wisdom which we should always remember to improve the quality of our life, hence the title of this book is appropriately chosen as “Pearls of Wisdom”.

These lessons of words of wisdom said or written by these great people many centuries or decades ago are still of relevance, and in my view, shall remain relevant forever. Therefore, the idea of this book came to my mind to compile these noble thoughts and inspirational statements of motivational gurus and great persons. Therefore, it is advisable to read them carefully till the last page and use these powerful, noble and inspirational thoughts in our practical life. It will also be useful to pass these pearls of wisdom to our next generations so that they can also be guided by these inspirational thoughts to improve their quality of life and if we adapt these thoughts and pearls of wisdom in our daily lives in true spirit, the whole world will be a happy place to live.

Language English
No of pages 168
Book Publisher Shanti Dugar
Published Date 03 Jun 2022

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Author : Shanti Dugar


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