Rewind and Play

Tarun Gautam



Rahul is asked by Harpreet to book a venue for their college batch mates get together in Astor Place, New York. Rahul has mixed feelings before the meeting. He had never considered his graduation years as important in his life. As he waits for the others to turn-up his mind wanders to memories of those four years. Random incidents keep coming to his mind. Those incidents were hilarious, scary and traumatic. Each of those incidents had something deeper hidden in them. Something that he had never thought of in the past.

Will Rahul find meaning in those memories? Will those memories find answers to his current problem?

Language English
ISBN-10 8193642473
ISBN-13 9788193642474
No of pages 164
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher TreeShade Books (VB Performance LLP)
Published Date 16 Feb 2019

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Author : Tarun Gautam


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