The Banyan Tree

Vinay Chakravarthy



Kautilya, a teenager, is traveling alone through the dark jungles of ancient India. Suddenly he comes across a Banyan Tree that he is inexplicably drawn to.

Soon, he finds himself as Amit, an ordinary high-schooler in a present-day small town in the US. As Amit deals with the seemingly urgent decisions to be made for college and a career, flashes of memories of being Kautilya in a past life keep pulling him in. Some of the people he meets, he seems to have met before as Kautilya.

In his journey, he comes across plans that can change history and also the present world as we know it. He faces the internal battle of realization of his powers and using them for the greater good.

As he struggles to understand and return to the life he knew and loved, Amit is confronted with much larger questions - who is he really? Where is he in time? Does his quest have a larger meaning?

In an enthralling journey across centuries, continents, and lifetimes, the mystical journey of self-discovery become a race to save our future. Will he succeed?

Language English
ISBN-13 978-9355590336
No of pages 134
Book Publisher Leadstart Publishing Private Limited
Published Date 03 Aug 2022

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Author : Vinay Chakravarthy


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