Trumpnation : The Art Of Being The Donald

Timothy L O'Brein


In Circulation

Available for the first time in a decade-the book that launched a $5 billion lawsuit--with a new introduction by the author in which O'Brien reflects on the recent wave of TrumpMania. This entertaining look inside the world of Donald Trump is chock full of rip-roaring anecdotes, jaw-dropping quotes, and rigorous research into the business deals, political antics, curious relationships, and complex background of the leading Republican presidential candidate.

The world of Donald Trump is seemingly full of glitz and glamour. Yet despite glaring cracks in the shimmering façade, the myth of the man has remained impenetrable to a fascinated public. Through interviews with Trump's closest friends-and with Trump himself-award-winning journalist and author Timothy L. O'Brien presents a look inside the life of one of the world's most famous businessmen, pulling back the curtain on the wizard of hype known as The Donald. Prepare to enter....TRUMP NATION!

What will you learn from this book

  1. Financial Profile: The book likely delves into Donald Trump's financial history, exploring his successes and challenges in the business world.

  2. Business Strategies: Expect insights into Trump's approach to business, including his deal-making strategies and management style.

  3. Media Persona: Given the title, the book may discuss Trump's public image and how he has cultivated and managed his persona over the years.

  4. Political Aspirations: It might cover Trump's early political aspirations and his interactions with the political landscape.

  5. Family Dynamics: Explore the role of Trump's family, especially his children, in his business and public life.

  6. Real Estate Ventures: Delve into Trump's major real estate projects, discussing both their successes and any controversies.

  7. Trump Brand: Analyze how Trump has built and maintained his brand, including the licensing of his name to various products and projects.

  8. Controversies: Discuss controversies and legal challenges Trump has faced, shedding light on how he navigated these situations.

  9. Transition to Politics: Examine the circumstances and motivations behind Trump's transition from business to politics.

  10. Impact on Culture: Assess the broader impact Trump has had on American culture and politics.

Language English
ISBN-10 044669617X
ISBN-13 9780446696173
No of pages 276
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Grand Central Publishing
Published Date 25 Aug 2016

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