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The book Adultery portrays the story of an independent woman Linda, in her 30s, who has an almost perfect life; a content and stable marriage, a caring husband, sweet little kids and a rewarding journalism career. Through the regular everyday life, she starts to question the dullness and boredom of her passing days. She tends to be dissatisfied with her life, until she meets her high-school boyfriend, Jacob, who is a successful politician now.

With him, she revives the zeal and craze that were previously missing in her life. They get involved into an affair which she knows can lead her to difficult circumstance, yet, she finds the affair to be really exciting. With this transformation, she is standing at a life-altering turn of her life. The book was originally written in Portuguese, Coelho’s native language. The English edition was published in August 2014.The book is available in Paperback and can be ordered online at Amazon India.

Language English
ISBN-10 8184006098
ISBN-13 978-81-8400-609-4
No of pages 287
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Random House India
Published Date 13 Aug 2014

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