The Art Of Living - Vipassana Meditation

William hart



Vipassand-bhavand, "the development of insight," embodies the essence of the teaching of the Buddha. As taught by S. N. Goenka, this path to self-awareness is extraordinary in its simplicity, its lack of dogma and, above all, its results.

The Vipassana technique can be successfully applied by anyone. Based on the lectures and writings of S. N. Goenka--and prepared under his direct guidance--The Art of Living shows how this technique can be used to solve problems, develop unused potential, and lead a peaceful, productive life.

It includes stories by S. N. Goenka, as well as answers to students' questions, that convey a vivid sense of his teaching.

Language English
ISBN-10 81-88452-13-0
No of pages 164
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Book Publisher Embassy Books
Published Date 01 Jan 2012

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