Sufism - The Heart Of Islam

Sadia Dehlvi


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This engaging and well-researched narrative provides an insider's understanding of Islam in all its aspects. It elaborates on how Sufism is the preserved spiritual path that forms the heart of Islam. Drawing from an in-depth study of Muslim texts and traditions, the author articulates that Sufism is not an innovation, but the continuity of a thought process that links Muslims to their religious predecessors all the way to Prophet Muhammad.

The book covers the remarkable lives of the early Sufis, their literature, and philosophies that stress on the purification of the heart. It highlights the major Sufi orders, their popularity in the subcontinent and how the teachings of Sufi Masters impacted the devotional aspect of Muslims forever.

This comprehensive account spans from early Islam to the modern day concerns of militant ideologies, arguing how they pose the biggest threat to the classical understanding of the faith. It offers an insightful look at the complex relationship of Sufism with both Muslim and non-Muslim societie

Language English
ISBN-10 978-81-7223-816-2
No of pages 384
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Harper Collins
Published Date 14 Jun 2010

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