Bagha Jatin : The Revolutionary who Terrified the British

Somenath Guha



“We shall die to awaken the nation” – Bagha Jatin

Jatindranath Mukherjee, famously known as BAGHA JATIN , was born at a time when Indian nationalism was starting to spread it wings through the nation. An advocate of armed revolution against the British in India, he was a man with extraordinary courage.

From working within the folds of the British government for inside information, to being the mastermind behind importing weapons to aid the revolution; from organising bomb making workshops, to training the youth in physical strength – Jatin was a man of many talents. While his ideas impressed his fellow comrades, his valour and physical strength struck fear and awe among the British soldiers.

His vision to bring together leaders like Aurobindo Ghosh and Rash Behari Bose, among others, homogenised the Indian freedom struggle. Their ultimate goal was to revolutionise the common masses and Indian soldiers in the British army to fight for India’s freedom.

He heroically fought a frontal battle with the British soldiers, laying down his life in service of mother India.

This book is a tribute to the revolutionary who changed the face of the Indian freedom struggle and terrified the British.

Language English
ISBN-13 978-9390441952
No of pages 168
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Published Date 12 Dec 2022

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