The Eat Right Diet

Dr Peter J D'Adamo



Have diets you've tried in the past failed or even been counter-productive? Are you sure your diet is right for your type of metabolism? After decades of laboratory and clinical research it has now been established that your blood type is the key to losing weight, avoiding disease and promoting longevity, fitness and even happiness.

Your blood type determines your metabolism which means that it also determines which foods you should eat - one man's meat is another man's poison; one woman's weight-loss is another woman's dieting disaster; low-fat or high-fibre diets work for some blood types but not others. The Eat Right Diet enables you to zero in on the health and nutritional information that corresponds to your exact biological profile, so that you can make choices based on the powerful natural forces within your own body. The book contains a seperate diet plan for each type, complete with charts and diagrams.

Language English
ISBN-10 9780712677844
ISBN-13 9780712677844
No of pages 464
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Book Publisher Century
Published Date 02 Apr 1998

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