Consultative Selling (7th Edition)

Mack Hanan


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Written by the author of "Consultative Budgeting" and "Key Account Selling", this book explains to the salesperson that: you are no longer a vendor, out to sell a customer its product; you are a consultant, out to help your client's business grow. This revised edition: supplies updated case histories; a new and improved emphasis on how to sell - technology and technology-based products or services, services and service-based businesses, outsourced services and contracted-out projects, and business and process re-engineering systems; and explains in more detail than ever before how to - use project management skills, win the competitions against other consultative sellers, meet customer productivity and quality requirements, meet customer requirements for cost control and predictable cash flow and set up solid business partnerships that exclude competitors.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Understanding Customer Needs: Successful consultative selling involves a deep understanding of the customer's needs, challenges, and goals.

  2. Building Relationships: Establishing and maintaining strong relationships with customers is crucial for consultative selling. This goes beyond transactional interactions and involves trust-building.

  3. Effective Communication: Good communication skills, including active listening, are essential. Sales professionals should be able to articulate their ideas clearly and understand the customer's perspective.

  4. Problem Solving: A consultative approach involves identifying and solving customer problems. Salespeople act as problem solvers rather than just product pushers.

  5. Product Knowledge: While understanding customer needs is vital, a solid knowledge of the product or service being sold is equally important. Salespeople need to match solutions to customer requirements.

  6. Customization: Tailoring solutions to meet the specific needs of each customer is a key aspect of consultative selling. Generic pitches may not resonate as effectively.

  7. Long-Term Focus: Consultative selling often emphasizes long-term relationships over quick sales. Building trust and credibility can lead to repeat business and referrals.

  8. Value Proposition: Articulating the value of the product or service in relation to the customer's needs is crucial. This helps in demonstrating the benefits and return on investment.

  9. Collaboration: A consultative approach involves collaboration between the salesperson and the customer. It's a partnership aimed at achieving mutual success.

  10. Continuous Improvement: Successful sales professionals engaged in consultative selling are always looking for ways to improve. This includes refining communication skills, staying updated on industry trends, and adapting to changing customer needs.

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Published Date 07 Jan 1995

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