Me "N" Her - A Strange Feeling

Rikky Bhartia



Love ... Life ... Separation? Love implies three words smiles, tears, and endings. Endings are not always happy ... yet they leave a mark in our lives in some way.Me N Her A Strange Feeling is an involving and intriguing love story of two young people, of strangers, whose paths cross and lead to strange feelings, later discovered as love. Harsh is passionate and ambitious, but forgets his ambition when he meets Janvi. Janvi ... loves to dream, but is lost in life ... reasons unknown.At the height of their celebration ... a strange twist in life happens, that changes everything forever ... Love is what brings them close ... and love is what ... separates them. Does love change with time? Is it possible to fall in love repeatedly with the same person? Harsh and Janvi give you every answer ... their love story will remind you of your first love ... its unexpected ending will bring tears and smiles.

Language English
ISBN-10 9789383562268
ISBN-13 9789383562268
No of pages 252
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Leadstart Publishing Private Limited
Published Date 19 Dec 2016

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Author : Rikky Bhartia


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