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The book is an account of the experiences and perspectives the author gained in his long and diverse career. It is written in two parts, the first part contains a first-hand account of his experience as a young man, in Pre-Partition India. Events leading to the holocaust, which were a result of the partition of India, and led to his migration to India, have also been mentioned. The excerpts also give an interesting perspective on the state of education, healthcare etc. in pre-independent India.

The second part shares author’s varied experiences with the Police and Border Security Force, across his career. The author shares his interactions with the Khobi tribals, experiences in dealing with dacoits, opium smugglers, and his role in the development of the Riot Gun. It also details the challenges the author faced as an administrator in bringing about normalcy and restoring the credibility of 2 important universities in India.

Cop to VC is the author’s journey from starting as a ‘cop’ to becoming a VC.

His memoirs virtually correspond to the contemporary history of independent India and it reflects the changing ethos of policing amidst rapid progress as well as new challenges in these years.

- Rishi Kumar Shukla, CBI Director

Language English
ISBN-10 9781647339036
ISBN-13 9781647339036
No of pages 200
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher notion press
Published Date 22 May 2020

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Author : Madan Lal Jain


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