In Loving Memory

Daniel Paul Singh



Dhruv is the popular dashing guy in Nisha’s office. His impulsive antics irk her, but also attract her. From the day Dhruv enters her life, she starts getting anonymous threatening late night calls and scary nightmares that seem too real. Who is this Dhruv? What’s his connection with the strange happenings in her life? Can she trust him?

Nivas is a guy you wouldn’t notice in a crowd. Rimi is a chatterbox and the polar opposite. Naturally, Nivas is drawn towards her and gains the courage to propose to her, desiring more of her. Things turn ugly from then on between the two.

As the stories of the two couples converge at an unexpected turn of events - Kevin, the best detective in town, ends up with a peculiar case. Everything about the case is confusing, contradictory and downright clumsy! A cat-and-mouse game ensues with everyone’s life at stake.

Every story has one ending, will this one too?

Language English
ISBN-10 9788194958109
ISBN-13 9788194958109
No of pages 272
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Kalamos Literary Services
Published Date 13 Mar 2021

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Author : Daniel Paul Singh


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