Jaikishan Hirani



"Rishabh is a writer with sharp observations. Angel is a con artist who cons people of their miseries. Together they form a power couple who go on a rampage to create a wild fire of positivity in their surroundings.For them, the coolest thing is not to climb an active volcano or to walk a glacier, it's to make friendship with a vagabond and give in an honest effort to make his or her life better.

Every time Angel does something crazy and creates a messy situation, Rishabh savors her Crazigasm first and clears the mess later.Only this time the mess involves Baba, the local goon whose business gets affected because of this crazy couple. What happens next can be found in the pages previous to this blurb."

Language English
ISBN-10 9789386487261
ISBN-13 9789386487261
No of pages 190
Book Publisher Become Shakespeare
Published Date 18 Jul 2017

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Author : Jaikishan Hirani


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