Losing the Plot : Political Isolation of West Bengal

Sugato Hazra





Losing the Plot: Political Isolation of West Bengal is a comprehensive account of West Bengal’s political history tracing the changing leadership, ideologies, and discourse from the birth of modern ideas and nationalism in the state of Bengal which eventually spread across India to its steady movement away from the national mainstream in recent times.

The book delineates the political character of the state and its people, the dream of its early leaders, and the shattering of the same in course of time. The author has analyzed in great detail the rift between Bengal’s leadership and the rest of India since the days of nationalism. He explores West Bengal’s regional political narrative and its continuing isolation from the national mainstream despite changes in government. The cultural, economic, and social preponderance of West Bengal in the past has given way to an unhappy decline because it has failed to engage with its politics in an effective manner.

It is the story of a state that has lost its plot!

Language English
ISBN-10 9789391125219
ISBN-13 9789391125219
No of pages 428
Book Publisher Niyogi Books
Published Date 05 Oct 2021
Audio Book Length 14:48:13

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Author : Sugato Hazra


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