Philanthropy Sucks!

Uday Kagal



This book is a direct result of stories. From all those villagers I met who are my main source of inspiration, and my colleagues with whom I had animated discussions on development. But this book would not have been possible without all those people who contributed generously and candidly to our Discovery. It is an outcome of my diverse experiences, undying curiosity and firm belief in the power of human beings to want to collaborate, to create shared value and create a better world. It urges us to reflect on where we are, and where we wish to go. And the way we engage in philanthropy is perhaps as good a place to start as any.

This book is about the past, the present and one possible future for social good. It seeks to identify the underlying problem and search for new solutions. How I learnt that the problems of philanthropy start from wrong intent, but the real problem lies in the fact that it creates dependencies. The landscape is divided today and standing purposefully. There is a dichotomy between the tough conditions for doing business and an unresolved ecosystem, but also between intent and resolve, a function perhaps of its life stage, transitioning reflectively from philanthropy towards accountability, scale and sustainability.

There are three key components of the solution: people desire dignity more than they desire charity; they demand service as customers; and customer based models bring seriousness, accountability and better outcomes. This book suggests three broad directions for the future: new kinds of capital for scale, new business models for sustainability and making shifts in how we think. The reactions to this book will vary from indignation to cynicism to denial to relief.

Language English
ISBN-10 9382473572
ISBN-13 9789382473572
No of pages 124
Book Publisher Leadstart Publishing Private Limited
Published Date 12 Jun 2013

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Author : Uday Kagal


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