Sheikh Mujibur Rahman - From Rebel to Founding Father

Syed Badrul Ahsan



The emergence of Bangladesh as a sovereign state in 1971 is a tribute to the sagacity and leadership of Sheikh mujibur Rahman. Through the long years spent in prison, mujib, as he is known, burnished his political beliefs and eventually emerged as the single most significant spokesman for Bengali rights in East Pakistan. This biography sensitively portrays mujib's transformation to bangabandhu, the friend of Bengal.

Author Syed badrul Ahsan traces mujib's meteoric evolution from a young follower of the all India Muslim League, driven by a zeal for Pakistan in the 1940s, to a mature political leader who clearly believed that the Bengal is of Pakistan needed to return to their secular traditions; the twists and turns of destiny, reminiscent of a Greek tragedy, played out in modern times.

Language English
ISBN-10 9789383098101
ISBN-13 9789383098101
No of pages 350
Book Publisher Niyogi Books
Published Date 26 Jan 2014

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Author : Syed Badrul Ahsan


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