The Bitter Pill Social Club

Rohan Dahiya



You know exactly who they are. The ones who walk right past club lines, who walk into rooms and make you swoon. You've felt their Gucci-anointed aura in a city paved with mildly good intentions and cocaine lines. It's a familiar cast: the centre of attention, the shameless flirt, the loudmouth, the narcissistic writer. It's a familiar setting: a city of smooth talkers, armchair activists, and the rich brats of Instagram wrapped up in cigarette smoke. A place to talk pop spirituality and purple prose in connoisseur-only jazz clubs.
Now watch them without an audience.

The Bitter Pill Social Club takes a look at the lives of the Kochhar family, who find themselves drifting apart in the city of gins and fake friends, wrapped in cigarette smoke. As one of their own gears up to tie the knot, three siblings come home to the neurotic parents who raised them. Meanwhile the parents face the family patriarch's constant judgment. Divorce, disappointment, and disasters ensue as the entitled Kochhar brood dodges old lovers and marriage proposals.

Language English
ISBN-10 9789387457669
ISBN-13 9789387457669
No of pages 314
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Bloomsbury
Published Date 28 Apr 2018

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Author : Rohan Dahiya


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