Sales Booster : The New Science & Art Of Selling

Nimesh Mehta


In Circulation

All sale proceeds of this book are donated to NGO - Meri Zimmedari Foundation I believe everyone is in Sales. Irrespective of the title, position or profession every person is selling an idea, concept, product or service to other person. Nothing happens until sale takes place in the company or country. So Sales booster is for everyone who wants to maximize success in his life. Is your company suffering from inconsistent sales or business year after year ? Do you want to grow faster than your competitors but don’t know how?

Do you strive to become a leader in your business or industry but feel you just don’t have the know-how? Would you like to hire and retain the best salespeople in the country? Sales Booster is different from the thousands of sales books out there, in two refreshingly unique ways. First, it is an action book that will teach you how to effectively implement the new science & Art of selling in your business and work.

Sales is not just in the knowing but also in the doing. Most sales leaders, business leaders and entrepreneurs know what needs to be done, but few know how it needs to be done. Not only has Nimesh brought forward the new science & Art of selling in the twenty-first century, but in every chapter, he demystifies execution strategies that almost guarantee sales success. Second, Sales Booster offers insightful interviews with 26 CEO’s / Business leaders from some of the world’s greatest organizations, knowledgeable people who experience profits by multiplying their sales year after year.

This real-life sales wisdom was acquired over decades, and the interviewees come from a wide variety of industries and geography; every reader will find something relevant to any work or business. Sales Booster provides answer to two universal business question : 1)Why some companies generate year on year growth in sales when most other companies struggle ? 2)Why are some salespeople more successful than others ? After forteen years of hard-core exper

Language English
ISBN-10 1772046221
ISBN-13 978-1772046229
No of pages 235
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Black Card Books
Published Date 01 Jan 2017

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