Chaos In The Jungle And Other Stories

Rachna Chhabria



Enter a forest, a garden, a meadow, a field, and a classroom, where the birds, insects and animals are all too human.

Meet the animals who are granted a wish by the wishing fairy and smile at the chaos that ensues.

Shake hands with a baby elephant who goes on a diet.

Befriend a bee and a butterfly who will teach you kindness and bravery.

Walk through the fields with a donkey who has been ditched by his friends.

Go with an ant on an adventure.

Follow a monkey as he leaves the jungle and joins a circus.

Say hello to a lizard who helps the students during exams.

Join a baby rabbit as he goes hunting for a new name.

Sixteen stories that entertain and teach us kindness, loyalty, determination and faith. Stories that teach us to believe in ourselves and to be the best version of ourselves.

Language English
ISBN-10 9789355976857
ISBN-13 9789355976857
No of pages 70
Book Publisher Ukiyoto Publishing
Published Date 12 May 2022

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Author : Rachna Chhabria


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