Dork Diaries : Drama Queen

Rachel Renee Russell



For the followers of Dork Diaries series, the book is a more girly version of the entire collection. It is about an eighth grader named Nikki. who loves her diary. She loses her diary that falls into her enemy’s (Mackenzie Hollister) hands. After going through the diary, Mackenzie gets to know about the most darkest secrets of Nikki’s life.

One of the secrets is that Nikki was ‘Ms. Know it all’ who solves problems of troubled kids, who write into her website for some advice. But Nikki’s password was in that diary that’s now with Mackenzie. So, Mackenzie logs into Nikki’s account and cyberbullies kids.

Mackenzie also tries to cause conflicts between Nikki and Brandon, who is Nikki’s crush. But when Nikki finds out about what Mackenzie has been doing with her secrets she is left with two choices. Either to turn in her diary to Principal Winston to get Mackenzie caught or turn in her diary and get Mackenzie caught but get expelled at the same time.

So, what would she finally choose? To find out, one must go through the book. It is a good book for young girls who are looking for a light read on weekend.

Language English
ISBN-10 9781471117718
ISBN-13 9781471117718
No of pages 352
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Simon & Schuster
Published Date 21 Jun 2015

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