The Archival Box

Racheal Oboh





King Ainose had two wives and three daughters but he had no son- an heir. He became cantankerous towards his wives and was desperate to have an heir to succeed him. King Ainose married Nurse Eki as his third wife and hoped for male twins. He gave his trusted guard, Nosa a box before he died. It's a secret between them. What is in the box? Who killed King Ainose?

THE ARCHIVAL BOX is a timely book. It is set out in a traditional and patrilineal society. It is a wake-up call to disregard any form of violence against women. It is one of such books that are to be chewed and digested.

- Professor C.C. Ohuruogu (Ph.D.)

The craze of male child preference has remained endemic in our society. The Book- THE ARCHIVAL BOX is a voice that calls on society to look at the critical issue of gender lopsidedness and change the narratives.

- Mr. Cyril Kiwamu (Director of Education in the Federal Civil Service)

Language English
ISBN-10 9789354903816
ISBN-13 9789354903816
No of pages 140
Book Publisher Ukiyoto Publishing
Published Date 19 Aug 2021
Audio Book Length 02:30:25

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Author : Racheal Oboh


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