Investing In Your Company'S Human Capital

Jack J Phillips



Foreword by Jac Fitz-enz, author of The ROI of Human Capital The importance of an organization's human capital -- its people -- cannot be overstated or overlooked, but like any other asset, it must be carefully managed and monitored. The people in a company reflect the investment not only of money, but also of the time dedicated to developing and executing projects and programs. Investing in Your Company's Human Capital presents five strategies for establishing appropriate levels of investment -- monetary and otherwise -- in workforce initiatives.

The book addresses four overarching questions:

* How much should we invest in human capital, and is it possible to spend too much?

* Why is it important to invest (and invest properly) in human capital?

* What measures should be monitored? (the author identifies 24)

* What are the roles of the CEO and other executives and senior team members?

A practical approach to an often mishandled asset, Investing in Your Company's Human Capital is a valuable tool for driving any enterprise's bottom line.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Human Capital Investment: The book might emphasize the concept of human capital as a crucial component of a company's value, discussing how investing in employees contributes to organizational success.

  2. Training and Development: Exploring the importance of training and development programs in enhancing employee skills, knowledge, and capabilities, thereby increasing productivity and performance.

  3. ROI of Human Capital: Phillips could discuss methodologies for measuring the return on investment (ROI) of human capital initiatives, providing tools to quantify the impact of employee development programs.

  4. Talent Retention and Engagement: Addressing strategies to attract and retain top talent, including fostering employee engagement, creating a positive work culture, and offering career development opportunities.

  5. Performance Management: Discussing effective performance management systems and processes that align employee goals with organizational objectives, encouraging continuous improvement.

  6. Leadership Development: Exploring the importance of developing strong leadership within the organization, as effective leadership often drives employee engagement and organizational success.

  7. Workforce Planning and Succession: Discussing the need for strategic workforce planning and succession management to ensure a pipeline of skilled employees for future leadership roles.

  8. Employee Well-being and Diversity: Addressing the significance of promoting employee well-being, diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives within the workplace.

  9. Adapting to Change and Innovation: Strategies for empowering employees to adapt to change and foster innovation, aligning human capital strategies with evolving business needs.

  10. Case Studies and Best Practices: Incorporating case studies and best practices from successful organizations that have effectively invested in their human capital, providing practical insights and examples.

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Published Date 03 Jun 2005

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