The Great Indian Wedding Conspiracy

Sreeju Sudhakaran



The Puyickal family, a reputed Mallu clan based in Mumbai, is going through a huge crisis.
One of their younger scions, Neeraja wants to marry her Punjabi boyfriend.
Her father wants to hear none of it.
Her aunts would rather die than allow it.
Her uncles don’t care a damn about it.
And her poor cousin, idyllic existence is screwed by it…
Arjun never wanted to have anything to do with his distant and more successful cousin; Neeraja. However, her decision to marry a non-Mallu, an unheard-of scandal in her family, changes his life forever. Forced to take part in the family ‘discussions’ by his mother, he tries to devise ways to get out of this mess, when he finds out Neeraja’s beau’s sister is his college crush. Desiring to win her back, he realizes it can only happen if Neeraja gets married to her boyfriend. With no option left, he forms an uneasy alliance with his hateful cousin, as they work in tandem to emotionally manipulate the elders into making this marriage happen… until one day, a dark secret gets revealed that threatens to unravel all their efforts…

Language English
ISBN-10 9789352015719
ISBN-13 9789352015719
No of pages 351
Book Publisher Leadstart Publishing Private Limited
Published Date 09 Mar 2016

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Author : Sreeju Sudhakaran


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