How To Accelerate Your Professional Growth - Discover These 21 Unique Fast-Tracking Ideas!




Recognize this simple wisdom!

The distinction between gold, silver, and bronze medals in a race can be achieved in microseconds. And success is for those who are ahead, even by microseconds. This book reveals the secret of what that microsecond moment in your career is and how to distinguish yourself from the crowd and finally achieve gold.

This book is not intended for quick reading or a book that should be read-only once. It should be used as a guide for your professional development. I would request that my readers read this book as many times as they can until they understand and apply these one-of-a-kind tips. Continue to think about the ideas until they become a part of you and your career takes off.

Identify a set of ideas. Understand their inner meaning. Dwell on it until these ideas become ingrained in you. After successfully adapting, you can choose and implement another set of ideas.

The book is purposefully kept handy, short, and to the point so that you can get the essence of the book easily, quickly, and directly. You don't have to make any extra effort to practice them. You can make dramatic changes in your career simply by understanding and channelling your current efforts in the unique ways suggested in this book.

Language English
ISBN-10 9789354464386
ISBN-13 9789354464386
No of pages 58
Book Publisher Evincepub Publishing
Published Date 24 Mar 2022

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Author : KUMS T.S.


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