On Becoming a Leader - Book Summary

Warren Bennis





Warren Bennis, master practitioner, researcher and theoretician all in one, has managed to create a practical primer for leaders without sacrificing an iota of necessary subtlety and complexity. The leadership classic recommended by Vice President Al Gore to all his advisors.


What will you learn from this book

In this summary, you will learn:  

1. The nuances of leadership and how you can work upon yourself and excel as a leader.

2. As an aspiring leader, how you have no one else other than your own self to work upon.

3. How leaders are whole brained people who use their left and right brains with equal ease.

4. How a leader gets people on his side without instilling fear and intimidation.

Language English
No of pages 20
Book Publisher i-Read Publications
Published Date 29 Feb 2020
Audio Book Length 00:17:36

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