8 Attributes Of Great Achievers




8 Attributes of Great Achivers is filled with inspiring stories from the lives of great achievers past and present including Christopher Columbus, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, The Wright Brothers, Gandhi, Winston Churchill, Walt Disney, Warren Buffet, and others.

An easy to read title with interesting stories showing each of the 8 attributes through the lives of popular leaders who exhibited them. Leaders show attributes such as 1 Responsiblity 2 Creativity 3 Independence 4 Humility 5 Honesty 6 Optimism 7 Vision 8 Persistence Key Selling Points :

1 The title covers leadership ans success traits of great achievers such as Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincon, Walt Disney, Winston Churchill, Sam Walton, Warren Buffet, etc. 2 The book draws upon qualities from these great lives that we can duplicate in our own lives to achieve greatness.

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Published Date 01 Jan 2010

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