Kabeer In Korporates : Corporate Lessons From A Great Mystic

Gurucharan Singh Gandhi



Kabeer in Korporates addresses the trials and tussles of the workplace faced by the modern day employee, using Kabeer as the deep font of practical wisdom that balances philosophy with action, theory with practice. It puts into perspective the multiple conundrums of working life: o the balance between success and joy o the tension between methods and results o the impasse between choosing the right coach and being the right coach o decrypting the enigma called leadership.

It defines with compassionate wisdom the fine line between dealing with things and dealing with the self. Kabeer In Korporates demystifies the angst and challenges of modern employees, providing lessons, insights and solutions to problems using the wisdom of Kabeer in four ways:

- by questioning the individual before he is allowed to question the world around him

- asking pertinent questions rather than offering pat solutions

- by being simple and matter-of-fact and not hiding behind theories and constructs.

- by outlining dilemmas and providing insights on dealing with them. Kabeer is a willing ally; he teaches you the art of untangling the knots till you can breathe and live your own life – fully.

Language English
ISBN-10 9789352015771
ISBN-13 9789352015771
No of pages 250
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Leadstart Publishing Private Limited
Published Date 13 Jun 2016

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