The Political Economy Of Beef Ban

Binu Mathew



When fascism knocks on our door we have only two choices. 1. To succumb to our fate and surrender meekly. 2. To fight back with all our means. It’s time India took a decision. To surrender or fight back is the question. Surrender is not an option and it is also against human nature. Our reflexive action is to fight back.

We’ve to go back to the basic nature of the Republic and fight to win back the Idea of India that the founders of this nation imagined. Let’s stand up for the idea of India we learnt to love as children and we want to pass on to our children. Let’s do it by holding the Constitution of India in one hand and the tricolour in the other hand. If we rise up as one, this emerging fascism will, as Robert O Paxton said, dissipate into entropy. I hope that this book will help in our fight for the idea of India we all stand for.

Language English
ISBN-13 9788193252581
No of pages 217
Book Publisher Peoples Literature Publication
Published Date 01 May 2019

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Author : Binu Mathew


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