Sycamore Row.

John Grisham



Sycamore Row: The Sequel To A Time To Kill, available in paperback, belongs to the Jake Brigance series. This novel is a legal thriller that revolves around how the children of a dead person fight for their right to his property. The first book of the series left off at Carl Lee Hailey's trial. The story in Sycamore Row begins three years later. Seth Hubbard fixes a meeting with one of his employees one Sunday by a Sycamore tree.

But when the employee reaches the decided place, he finds Seth Hubbard dead. He is seen hung by a noose on one of the branches of a tree. The book, Sycamore Row, further describes the reason for the suicide as the lung cancer he was suffering from that was terminal. Unable to bear the pain, he ends his life, but not before leaving behind a set of instructions with specifications for his funeral and burial.

At the same time, Jake Brigance receives a letter from Seth Hubbard which has a revised holographic that makes the previous one invalid. in the new will, no money goes to his children and therefore Hubbard requests Jake to handle it in a way that his kids don't create a ruckus, which is exactly what happens. Sycamore Row: The Sequel To A Time To Kill, was published on 27th October, 2013. The novel further describes the complicated events that take place subsequently, leading to a controversial trial.

Key Features

  • This book is the sequel to the author's debut novel, A Time To Kill, which was a bestseller.


Language English
ISBN-10 1444779559
ISBN-13 978-1-444-77955
No of pages 550
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Hodder And Stoughton
Published Date 27 Oct 2013

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