Before Memory Fades…

Fali S. Nariman


In Circulation
Remember, life only begins at sixty! For most of us who have crossed the sixtieth milestone in the journey of life, there s a tendency to consider oneself as over the hill , a has-been , or an old fogey . But for the irrepressible and exuberant Shobhaa Dé, that s certainly not the case life only begins at sixty! Declaring sixty the new forty, she comes up with a potent elixir to rejuvenate life, and provides practical tips on how to cope with the physical and emotional downslides commonly experienced by the post-sixty generation. Whether it s the flagging levels of confidence or diminishing stamina, Shobhaa provides the perfect antidote. She lays great emphasis on family values and ties, and underlines the importance of a spiritual quest all of which make each passing decade more meaningful and enriching. Drawing up a road map , which enables the reader to chalk out a future course, Shobhaa shows us how life is so very beautiful and just how much we have to look forward to!
Language English
ISBN-10 978-81-89988-22-7
No of pages 460
Book Publisher Hay House India
Published Date 30 Nov -0001

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