Nur Jahan's Daughter

Tanushree Podder


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Nur Jahan ruled Hindustan from behind the Mughal throne for sixteen years. Her story is one of wonder and awe and she is the delight of historians and writers the world over. In this historical novel, Tanushree Poddar explores the life of her forgotten daughter, Laadli, who found herself trapped in the world of her ruthless and ambitious mother. A thrilling saga of the treachery, power struggle and decadence that was part of life in Mughal India, this is also the tragic story of a girl who, most reluctantly, is forced to become a princess in one of the most splendid courts in the world.

Language English
ISBN-10 8129107228
ISBN-13 978-8129107220
No of pages 376
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Rupa Publication
Published Date 01 Nov 2005

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Author : Tanushree Podder


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