The Twentieth Wife By Indu Sundaresan

Indu Sundaresan



'The narrative alternates between seductive languor and racy action which capture the opulence and drama of the Mughal kings. Sundar Esan delightfully combines history and juicy gossip' - India Today Mehran’s - the Sun of Women - one of India's most legendary and controversial empresses ... a woman who overcame insurmountable obstacles through sheer brilliance and determination ... whose love shaped the course of the Mughal Empire.

She is the twentieth wife. The daughter of refugees from Persia, growing up on the fringes of Emperor Akbar's opulent palace grounds, Mehran’s first encounters Prince Salim on his wedding day. Eight years old at the time, she decides that she too will one day become Salim's wife - unaware of the great price she and her family will pay for this dream.

Skillfully blending the textures of history with the rich imaginings of a fairy tale, The Twentieth Wife sweeps readers up in the emotional pageant of Salim and Mihranian’s embattled love. From an ill-fated first marriage through motherhood and into a dangerous maze of power struggles and political machinations, Mehran’s searches for the true redemptive love she has never known. Mihranian’s and Salim's quest takes them, and the vast empire that hangs in the balance, to places they have never dreamed possible.

Language English
ISBN-10 9350292106
ISBN-13 9789350292105
No of pages 375
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Book Publisher Harper Collins
Published Date 18 Jan 2012

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