The Death Of Distance 2.0

Frances Cairncross


Never before in human history has technology advanced as quickly as today. The biggest changes are taking place in communications and computers, which are being combined in new and astonishing ways. In this updated and revised addition, Frances Cairncross analyzes the impact of this revolution on business, government and society. The author sees a world where time zones will matter more than miles, where culture, language and interests bind communities more closely than geography, and where new ideas and information will travel faster than ever before to the remotest corners of the globe. The death of distance as a determinant of the cost of communicating may well be the single most important force shaping society in the first half of this century.
Language English
ISBN-10 1-58799-089-X
No of pages 317
Book Publisher Texere
Published Date 30 Nov -0001

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Author : Frances Cairncross

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