Anna Hanu and the Thump

Aditi Nagpal



Anńa, Hanu & The Thump is the story of a passionate elephant Anńa and a wise monkey Hanu, who have to act in time to protect their jungle Braj from an unexpected and destructive visitor.

One fine day, a Barapasaurus, Bapa, thumps into their lives, triggering a series of unforeseen events and changing their lives forever. Will Anńa and Hanu be able to save their home, Braj and friends? Will Braj be the quaint jungle it once was?

This story is about courage and leadership.
This story is about kinship and friendship.

Read on to find out which is the mightier.

Learn new words as you read the story with the help of word meanings provided on the same page.

Language English
No of pages 84
Book Publisher Leadstart Publishing Private Limited
Published Date 27 Nov 2022

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Author : Aditi Nagpal


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