How to Read Your Husband Like a Book

Rajasekar KS



In a world where the husband-wife relationship is good fodder for stand-up comedy, this easy-to-read book offers fresh insight into the inner workings of a “husband’s mind”.

Through humorous nuggets and simple illustrations, this book explains how a husband ‘thinks’, what makes him ‘respond’ the way he does, his ‘reaction’ to certain situations that crop up in married life and what a wife can do to avoid friction and get her own way.

So, all newly married women out there and even those who've been married for years and losing hair thinking about why they forget your birthday, leave wet towels on the bed, don't notice your new hair style, watch TV when you talk to them – pick up this book and laugh your way through marriage! Husbands, it's time to laugh at yourselves!

Language English
ISBN-10 9789354582523
ISBN-13 9789354582523
No of pages 168
Book Publisher Leadstart Publishing Private Limited
Published Date 22 Sep 2021

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Author : Rajasekar KS


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