The Stranger in My Bed

Shanaya Taneja



A new job beckons Shanaya to Bangalore. Her bags are packed and she is all set for the new life. But she wants to pamper herself and enjoy, coz it’s her last day in Delhi, where she has spent some really good times. She is out exploring when she bumps into a stranger; he sweeps her off her feet with his magnetic charm, way with words and a well-chiseled body.
What’s the harm of having a good time, she wonders! After all, she’d be gone the next day – no strings attached. While she gets adventurous, she barely knows what life is planning to throw at her.
Will the chance meeting turn into something more? Will she find out about The Stranger in my Bed.

Language English
No of pages 50
Book Publisher Srishti Publishers & Distributors
Published Date 03 Apr 2017

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Author : Shanaya Taneja

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