Feminine Pleasure Kamasutra.

Ganesh Saili



Female sexuality has always intrigued and fascinated people through the ages. Vatsyayana's "Kama Sutra", a bookmark in the ancient Indian classical works on the Art of Love, remains an outstanding tribute to the golden age of Indian liberalism when sexual pleasure was divested of guilt and gender biases.

In fact, Vatsyayana highlighted the important role it played in the life of a man and a woman, basing himself on the rare alchemy of responsibility and sensuousness. "Kama Sutra - Feminine Pleasure" treats the subject of female sexuality with rare insight.

It revisits Vatsyayana's masterpiece to underscore the relevance of its liberal approach to feminine sexuality; to reiterate the need to recognize the role played by women in society, and above all to uphold the right of women to celebrate their sexuality in myriad forms.

Language English
ISBN-10 81-7436-440-4
No of pages 207
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Book Publisher Lustre Press
Published Date 01 May 2006

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