Corporate Chanakya

Rashakrishnan Pillai



A pioneer of economics and political science in India, Chanakya was one of the most brilliant, tactful and shrewd economists and strategists of the Mauryan Era. Building the entire Mauryan Empire can be attributed to Chanakya's witty principles and out of the box strategies. The modern day world is a witness to innumerable business empires which need effective management to remain at par with growing competition. The author makes use of the aphorisms or sutras proposed in Chanakya's book called Arthasastra (Economics), in the management and functioning of modern day businesses.

Corporate Chanakya is divided into three major sections - Leadership, Management and Training. The author chooses the most apt sutras to provide tricks to achieve success in all these fields. in the leadership section he explains the importance of a leader's foresight, vision, enthusiasm and positive approach to handling situations. The author also gives you tips on making effective decisions, time management and creating a lasting impact to generate business.

Corporate professionals and leaders, small and big scale entrepreneurs and even students aspiring to work in the corporate environment can make use of Corporate Chanakya for lasting success. The first edition of this book was published by Jaico Publishing House in 2010 and is available in paperback.

Key Features

Corporate Chanakya holds a record for being a book with highest number of pre-release sales for any first book of an author.

This book derives from the knowledge of Arthasastra, which was an ingenious masterpiece from which lessons can be used in current scenarios to achieve long term as well as short term success.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Leadership Principles: Emphasizes the importance of effective leadership qualities derived from Chanakya's teachings, such as vision, integrity, decisiveness, and strategic thinking.

  2. Strategic Planning: Advocates for strategic planning in business, including setting clear objectives, assessing risks, and devising well-thought-out strategies.

  3. Art of Decision Making: Discusses decision-making techniques and the significance of making informed and timely decisions based on careful analysis.

  4. Effective Communication: Stresses the value of clear and persuasive communication, both within the organization and with external stakeholders.

  5. Team Building and Management: Highlights the importance of building and managing effective teams, fostering collaboration, and leveraging individual strengths.

  6. Ethical Business Practices: Advocates for ethical conduct in business dealings, integrity, and the importance of trustworthiness in building long-term relationships.

  7. Adaptability and Change Management: Discusses the need for adaptability in the face of change, agility in responding to market shifts, and embracing innovation.

  8. Financial Management: Offers insights into financial prudence, resource allocation, and effective utilization of resources for sustainable growth.

  9. Conflict Resolution and Negotiation: Explores strategies for conflict resolution, negotiation skills, and the art of finding win-win solutions.

  10. Personal Growth and Development: Encourages continuous personal development, self-motivation, and resilience to overcome challenges.

Language English
ISBN-10 8184951337
ISBN-13 9788184951332
No of pages 340
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Jaico Publishing House
Published Date 02 Oct 2010

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