Happiness: Always And In All Ways

Just Win Singh


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The secret to living happily is taking responsibility of your happiness. Unlike what most people believe, happiness is not dependent on things going your way. It is a habit of choosing a happy attitude consciously in every moment of your life.

Happiness - Always and in All Ways breaks the myth that happiness is dependent on external circumstances. It highlights the root causes of unhappiness and assists you to develop a habit of making a ‘happy choice’ every time. As you come to understand and effectively practise the action plans suggested in this book, your ability to ‘be happy’ will become a natural response, enabling you to become more excited every moment of each day.

You will find that living a happy life is an ongoing journey of joy and not just moments of temporary happiness between long periods of endless struggle. Remember, don’t depend on having a good day. Make a good day!

Language English
ISBN-10 8130920360
ISBN-13 9788130920368
No of pages 143
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Viva Books
Published Date 01 Jan 2012

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