The Winner's Way

Dr Pam Brill



In the face of challenge, learn how to be your best - every single time. Discover how to harness your inner strength in order to manage stress and bolster confidence. Whether it's in the boardroom or the family room, whether it's medical or financial, here's a proven, field-tested method that gives you the power to tap into your best abilities and face any challenge that life throws your way. Psychologist and organizational development consultant, Dr. Pamela Brill's, Triple A technique - activation, attitude, and attention - reveals how to engage your heart and mind to turn your will into action, bringing desired results on command and approaching every venture like a top performer.

You'll discover how living in "The Zone" - the state of mind where you will-fully engage each moment, even in the face of self-doubt - will empower you to reach your maximum potential, no matter how ordinary or extraordinary the circumstances. Fueled by rising confidence, you'll be prepared to: preview adverse challenges realistically; change a poor attitude; pull yourself out of a downspin - or detour around them; use language as an arsenal, fortress, and medic "Debrief" from experiences by identifying what was done well - and what should you will do differently next time; examine, challenge, and update habitual assumptions, especially if your performance level is lower than you desire. Plus, you get proven strategies for dealing with performance anxiety, fear of rejection, conflict resolution, subpar athletic scores, and more - all designed to help you recapture your love for the game of life.

"The Winner's Way" provides a simple, effective system to meet and triumph over the challenges ahead, improving productivity and satisfaction in both your business and personal life. Do your best in any situation and come out a winner. Summon your absolute best to meet every life challenge. Whether your life is turned upside down by unexpected downsizing at your company, your stress levels skyrocket from watching the evening news, or you simply have to get your kids to school in a torrential downpour, learn how to activate, energize, focus, and ignite passion to achieve your personal best at will. Written by Dr. Pamela Brill, an expert in the field of human performance, "The Winner's Way" shows you how to stay focused, maneuver your way through tough times, and come out on top no matter what the situation.

Using a proven step-by-step system that begins with the "three As" - activation, attitude, and attention - this guide reveals how to tap into your abilities, boost your self-confidence, and do your best work on command. You get simple, effective strategies for: meeting challenges with meaningful information and emotional centering; transforming overwhelming obstacles into manageable events; living in "The Zone" - where you willfully engage each moment to reach your maximum potential; dealing with performance anxiety and fear of rejection; lowering your stress level to build health and resilience; sharpening your concentration to be more effective and efficient; communicating more flexibly to team with the variety of people in your life - at home, at work, and on the roadways in between; turning difficult people and situations into productive collaborations. The power to change your life is in your hands. Feel your best, do your best, and be your best with "The Winner's Way"!

Language English
ISBN-10 0070590516
No of pages 306
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Book Publisher Tata Mcgraw-Hill
Published Date 01 Jul 2004

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