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Seth Godin



In today's business world, building a brand that outperforms the rest is often a tedious task. When the marketers are fed up with the traditional marketing strategies, Purple Cow: Transform Your Business By Being Remarkable by Seth Godin can indeed help them develop a sound business strategy.

Through his book, Godin urges that the old adage of marketing through TV commercials or banner advertisements are no longer effective. With people becoming more and more information savvy, success of a brand is all about building remarkable products that can stand out of the crowd. Purple Cow: Transform Your Business By Being Remarkable uses the analogy of a purple cow which would draw the attention of the crowd, hugely owing to how unusual it is. The book can help readers learn about modern marketing paradigms.

Godin's strategies can help streamline marketers, thus helping them move up the corporate ladder. By quoting the examples of many leading brands, Godin has explained his marketing principles in a simple, yet effective manner. According to the book, clever marketing is all about identifying the challenges and creating remarkable products that can overcome the threats. Through his book, Godin also speaks about identifying the right early adopters of the product who can play a major role in deciding the mass acceptance of the product. With a lot of useful tips on brand building, the book is useful for marketers, entrepreneurs and key corporate decision makers. Published in 2005 by Penguin UK, Purple Cow: Transform Your Business By Being Remarkable is available as a paperback.

Key Features:

  • The book is an international bestseller that has sold over 150,000 copies in more than 23 print runs.
  • It has made it to the bestseller lists of the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Businessweek.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Be Remarkable: To succeed in today's competitive market, businesses must be remarkable. A Purple Cow is something truly unique that grabs attention and stands out.

  2. Avoid the Ordinary: Ordinary products and services are like brown cows—common and unremarkable. Differentiation is key to avoiding mediocrity.

  3. Embrace Innovation: Embrace innovation and creativity to develop products or services that break the mold and capture the imagination of your target audience.

  4. Word of Mouth Marketing: Creating something remarkable leads to word-of-mouth marketing. People naturally talk about things that are extraordinary, helping spread the word organically.

  5. Focus on a Niche: Instead of trying to appeal to everyone, focus on a specific niche or target audience. This allows you to tailor your remarkable offering to a more receptive audience.

  6. Challenge the Status Quo: Purple Cows challenge the status quo and disrupt traditional thinking. They create a new standard that others want to follow.

  7. Continuous Innovation: The concept of the Purple Cow is not a one-time effort. Continuous innovation is necessary to stay ahead and maintain a remarkable status in the market.

  8. Risk-Taking is Essential: Being remarkable often involves taking risks. Safe, conventional choices are unlikely to result in a Purple Cow.

  9. Bold Marketing Strategies: Develop bold and unconventional marketing strategies that align with your remarkable product or service. Stand out in your promotional efforts.

  10. Feedback and Adaptation: Pay attention to feedback and be willing to adapt. The market and customer preferences change, and a Purple Cow remains relevant by evolving with the times.

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ISBN-13 9780141016405
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Book Publisher penguin
Published Date 27 Feb 2007

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