A Nowhere Man

Sudipto Chattopadhyay



Sudipto’s people pull me like string magnets. Difficult to stop reading” - ujjal Chakraborty, eminent novelist, and National awardee film scholar. "Captures an artist’s deepest longings, restlessness, loss, void and confusion. The surreal and the real merge to create a certain delicious madness. The narrative is gorgeous, deeply moving, lyrical and hilarious” - brahmanand Singh, National awardee and a leading writer. Conventionally, a first novel often suffers the contradictions inherent in sentimentality and piety. It is also branded with the blemish of autobiography. A first-time novelist is eager to pour out his heart and hence his work becomes baroque in its excesses. The author of A nowhere man realizes and relishes all that. He is, by your leave, the quintessential zealot, exploring a narrative and Expounding a thesis at the same time. What emerges is a work that is comic, sentimental, and macabre. The novel is an irreverent exercise at madness and mindless mayhem within the confines of a racy narrative exterior. There is both conceit and humility, garbed in the guise of avant-garde adventure. On the one hand, it tells the simple story of those who loved, made love, lost or won, on the other, it aspires to be a pious elegy of suffering in transit.

Language English
ISBN-13 978-9390266562
No of pages 356
Book Publisher Become Shakespeare
Published Date 09 Sep 2020

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