Execution : The Discipline Of Getting Things Done

Larry Bossidy & Ram Charan



Shows you how to link together people, strategy and operations - the three core elements of various organisation - and create a business based on dialogue, intellectual honesty and realism.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Clear Goals and Priorities: Emphasizes the importance of setting clear goals, priorities, and actionable plans to achieve desired results.

  2. Accountability: Stresses the need for clear ownership and accountability for tasks and outcomes within organizations.

  3. People and Culture: Highlights the significance of aligning people, culture, and behaviors with the organization's goals and execution strategies.

  4. Execution as a Discipline: Positions execution not as an event but as an ongoing discipline integral to successful business operations.

  5. Focus on Realities: Encourages facing realities and addressing challenges rather than avoiding or sugarcoating issues within the organization.

  6. Decision Making: Discusses effective decision-making processes and the importance of timely and informed decisions in execution.

  7. Follow-Through and Persistence: Emphasizes the need for consistent follow-through, persistence, and overcoming obstacles to achieve goals.

  8. Metrics and Measurement: Advocates for the use of performance metrics and measurements to track progress and ensure alignment with objectives.

  9. Leadership and Alignment: Stresses the critical role of leadership in driving execution and aligning all levels of the organization toward common goals.

  10. Learning from Failures: Encourages learning from failures and adapting strategies based on experiences to improve execution effectiveness.

Language English
ISBN-10 0-7126-2598-4
ISBN-13 9780609610572
No of pages 278
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Random House
Published Date 03 Feb 2011

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